About The Steemhouse Fiction Trail


Welcome To The Steemhouse Fiction Trail Library!

We’re building a unique collection of contemporary fiction from today’s hottest and freshest authors, curated directly from the powerful new social media platform: Steemit!

What In The World Is Steemit?

If you’re unfamiliar with Steemit, let us introduce you! Steemit is the next wave of blogging technology that started as a hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It soon blossomed into a full-scale community for anyone with a voice and something to say. Soon, writers of all ilk discovered that Steemit is a great place to build an audience and publish short works. Some of these writers stand head and shoulders above the rest, consistently delivering quality prose that deserves the spotlight.  We built this library as a way to collect some of these great short stories and novel chapters in one location, easily accessed by people looking for something good to read.

So What Is The Steemhouse Fiction Trail?

The Steemhouse Fiction Trail is a Steemit entity with one goal : to find and curate the highest quality fiction generated within the community. It’s important for non-Steemians to understand that past a seven-day period, articles in the blockchain become “locked,” and uneditable. So, while The SFT strives hard to reward only the authors who produce clean, error-free prose, some limitations exist.

We also make every attempt to verify that images used in the posts we curate are licensed to the author, or owned outright. If you find an image on our site that isn’t properly attributed, please contact us here. This is also true for plagiarized written content.

We Focus On The Long Game

Our hope is that some day, this Library will serve as a repository for high quality commercial fiction and be a one-stop-shop for industry professionals scouting new talent. We also hope that both independent and traditionally published authors will see the potential for Steemit to help them grow a fan base without some of the annoying interactions of other social media. Additionally, as our curation trail picks up “steem” and begins to carry weight in the Steemit community, we expect the payout amounts for fiction posts to increase substantially.

This digital library is brought to you by the Fiction Workshop at The Writers’ Block Discord group, and the Steemhouse Fiction Trail.