We've collected some of the best fantasy stories at Steemit and brought them here, to the SFT Library, where you can sort through and find reads that seem most interesting to you. We have short stories and flash fiction, and we also have excerpts from longer works like novels and novellas. If you find an author you like, check their Steemit blog! Chances are, they have more great stories just like the one you found here.

Short Fiction



Lakshmi has been promised a life beyond the stars, but her own life is what she has to give whether she accepts this future or not.


The Watch -- therosepatch

A strange gift, an even stranger business card—it all leads to one place for Andrew. He’s willing to follow the clues, to see where this pleasant mystery might take him. But the address on the card is more than a destination. It’s a fate, one Andrew has never agreed to.



eXotiX Genesis, Part 1--GMuxx

Dom opens his eyes one day to learn he's seeing the world from a whole new perspective.


Troll Tears--GMuxx

Zulkaz bears responsibility for his entire family on his gnarled and burly shoulders. But the mountain they call home harbors dangerous secrets, some so awful they threaten everything Zulkaz holds dear.


Mudwyrm: A Story From The Realm of Emerus--bex-dk

Bullies make life difficult for everyone. But for lowly gray dragon Smoek, they’ve made her existence nearly intolerable. She’s found friendship in a slavant gremlin, but their differences may be enough to spoil even that bit of hope for better times.


Origins of Power: The Unfinished War--deltatrek

In aftermath of a successful battle, Lieutenant Tezrin surveys the spoils. His conspicuous absence of high rank confounds his allies--they mistake his youth for weakness and his unfamiliarity with inexperience. They will soon learn the difference, as will the rest of world.