We've collected some of the best literary stories at Steemit and brought them here, to the SFT Library, where you can sort through and find reads that seem most interesting to you. We have short stories and flash fiction, and we also have excerpts from longer works like novels and novellas. If you find an author you like, check their Steemit blog! Chances are, they have more great stories just like the one you found here.

Short Fiction



Choking on a piece of chicken is the least of Stella's trouble. Dying raises questions about her future, one that hinges on answers from her past.


The Dare Devil--mk40

The roar of the crowd, the rev of the engine--here comes the ramp! Up, up. . . .! Jimmy soars, but will he be home in time for dinner?


Damn Yankees--Cristof

Marcus knows what it’s like to live. He’s done plenty of it over half a century. But maybe it’s time for a change—he can barely twitch a finger these days, but by God he can still make his own decisions.


Best Served Cold--Cristof

A pineapple a day is just what a kid needs to keep the schoolyard bullies away. Until the teacher steps in—


Passport To Glory--CarolKean

What good is running, or even hiding, if your every move is tracked and reported? And what if an odd stranger wearing twitchy fur on her head is your only real chance for safety?


Peaches and Dream--Cristof

Everything in the world might fade away, but friendship and the taste of a ripe peach are treasures that time can never steal.


When The Tables Are Turned--tinypaleokitchen

Minnie deals with patients every day who’ve fallen ill, fallen down, fallen on hard luck with their health. It’s her job. But the importance of her work takes on a whole new meaning when a familiar face looks up at her from the ER stretcher.


Jazz Firebrand's Last Dance Part One--thinknzombie

Jazz Firebrand's Last Dance Part Two--thinknzombie

If he draws her just so, he can keep her with him forever.
Or can he?


The Seventh Song -- jordan.lesich

A concert at Elmore's Speakeasy proves that what's hiding in a man's pants might be more than just the smell of sour milk and things you don't want to see.


Henna Pecked -- carolkean

Henna lived her life the way she wanted. It won her no love from the villagers, all living lives they thought were better. But time has a way of teaching everyone what is true.


Clear Sky Departures -- jordan.lesich

Karen told Fred Bell to go to the river and watch the sunset. She said it’d be good for him. That it was something you had to see before you died. And he took her at her word.


Gravity -- jeffways

Greg is surrounded by family in a life that many people would covet. At the same time, he's held hostage by chemical dependence. But love is a force of nature, with a pull on him that's just as strong as the science that holds his feet to the ground.


Born To Run -- tinypaleokitchen

Nameless. Helpless. Hopeless--life doesn't offer much to one bred and born to serve a single purpose. Humans can be stunning in their cruelty, but also in their mercy Sometimes compassion is the only purpose that matters. (Trigger warning.)


Too Much of a Good Thing -- creatr

Shem takes his father’s word for everything. He never questions, just goes along. But public ridicule has reached fever pitch, and in this world of field generators and digital anti-noise audio, mockery can be heard round the globe. As the first drops of rain turn dry earth to mud, Shem wagers everything he on the knows and loves on the possibility that his father is right after all.


Comfortably Numb -- negativer

This might be the end of the line for Noah. But with one of the people who tried to kill him—and might have succeeded—mercy might be the only language they can share. When everything in the world has been taken away from him, can Noah find one more thing to give?


Motherhood -- tinypaleokitchen

It starts like any other day in the hospital radiology department, but everything changes when a critical trauma patient arrives. The case hits Minnie hard, because she’s just starting her journey as a mother, while the woman whose son is on Minnie’s table may soon face the end of hers.


Ashes and Acorns -- carolkean

"150 is the new 50," so there’s no good reason for a mother to leave her son behind so soon. He’s not sure anything exists on the other side anyway. But for all the technology that could have kept her young for decades, Mom may know things that science hasn't begun to figure out.



Hurts to be Forgotten -- tinypaleokitchen

Lina accidentally discovers that her son has failed to visit his grandmother in a nursing home. His visits have been replaced by VR. But when technology replaces human relationships and interactions, where does that leave us?


Something You're Sure To Love -- jonknight

Relationships change quite a bit once virtual reality comes into play. However, distance and lack of physical contact can't truly disconnect a close family, as Venn and his father prove during a touching, slightly melancholy birthday celebration.

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Catch and Release -- thinknzombie

High risk, cutting edge research often comes at a price that has nothing to do with money. Stanley is the subject of a million-dollar project with ramifications that can change many lives, unless the changes in him cost lives instead.


The Costa Destiny -- jonknight

It’s more than love for Jason and Sarah. It’s destiny. The exotic vacation, the cruise—the way they feel about each other—it all seems to be according to some divine plan. But when tragedy strikes without warning, could that be their “destiny” at work, too?




Switch Track--rhondak

Jenna and Benji spent their lifetime being friends. But forever takes on a much darker meaning without the one person she trusted most.