We've collected some of the best paranormal stories at Steemit and brought them here, to the SFT Library, where you can sort through and find reads that seem most interesting to you. We have short stories and flash fiction, and we also have excerpts from longer works like novels and novellas. If you find an author you like, check their Steemit blog! Chances are, they have more great stories just like the one you found here.

Short Fiction


The Last Days Of Sunlight--jhagi.bhai

Nya was nightborn. She knows men. She also knows history, and what has been foretold. What now, when everything the world had feared since the beginning of time stands pressed against her in a crowded room, and no one understands what it means except her?



He could wait a thousand years for her, but if Dee is destined to forget him, it may all be in vain. The years have become a burden, but this time it's different. His next decision could end it all.


Cabin Boy -- thinknzombie

A dangerous child-prisoner confined to the brig is the only thing that can alleviate Kira’s boredom on a long voyage across the ocean. But is the possibility that he's a werewolf the only danger they face on the open seas?



For All The Marbles--Cristof

He played marbles nearly every day at recess. That’s how he came to be so good at it, and how he got the special marble--the one that made the school disappear. And almost him, too.