Science Fiction

We've collected some of the best sci-fi stories at Steemit and brought them here, to the SFT Library, where you can sort through and find reads that seem most interesting to you. We have short stories and flash fiction, and we also have excerpts from longer works like novels and novellas. If you find an author you like, check their Steemit blog! Chances are, they have more great stories just like the one you found here.

Short Fiction


The Tower Where The Neon Ends--Horrorguyian

Technology thrills and can offer hope for a better future. But it can also have a dark side, and Niao knows this better than all the others who live at the edge of the neon with her.


A.D.A.M. -- jasonbu

He has a lot of thinking to do, now that he can. But the gods keep talking to him...maybe he should just reboot and start over.


iSee: Pact With a Digital Devil -- GMuxx

Desperate to pay for her daughter’s medical treatment, single mother Alice gets an iSee ocular implant. The program compensates her well, but it also exacts a price that Alice is not sure she’s willing to pay. 


Impact -- rhondak

Time moves on, even after a horrific act of terrorism. The future seems bright, if a bit controlled. For one young woman in New York City, innocence and peace are about to be shattered in an instant, exactly as they were for her mother twenty-eight years before.


False Flag -- GMuxx

John completes flight training at the top of his class. Lured by the promise of adventure, he volunteers for a top secret military project. Has he got what it takes to serve the way his country needs him to?


Postcards from Rio -- rhondak

A technician on a top-secret project frequently finds things are just a little different when he leaves work some days. He's the only one who recognizes any change. Events take an unexpected turn and leave him desperate to save the now he can't live without.


Don't Stop Me Now -- anarcho-andrei

Heart racing, pulse pounding tension escalates to fever pitch in this nail-biter of a futuristic tale. Hold on to your seats for unrelenting action as Alexis King teaches the Aromak corporation a lesson they won't soon forget.



Space Horses--rhondak

A large animal veterinarian in the twenty-third century faces a tough career choice and a hairy crew of freight haulers. (Installment One of Five)


Virtual Mortality, Ch 1--gmuxx

The “Lost Ones” will never make it home alive if Gabe can’t locate them and find some way to restore their memories. It won’t be easy—the threats of a virtual environment have become dangerously real. But his sister is one of the Lost, and time is no one’s ally.


The Tethered World--darxide403

Francis has just one goal--to wreak as much havoc as possible, in as short a time as possible, to get his message across. Now, if he can only stay alive long enough to complete the mission.